Testimonials Conference

“I have attended many conferences in my life but this is the first time I see and I feel so many captivated people, myself included, and, for nearly two hours.”
Stephanie Therrien, Speaker/Coach

“Wow! Wow! Wow! ”
Nicole Thiffeault

“I was very touched by Daniel’s conference in Paris. I left energised by all that energy. Thank you Daniel! ”
Virginia Sarrazin, Paris – France

“What a good idea that Daniel’s conference was for our young graduates of Collège François-Xavier-Garneau at the dawn of a new career! What an inspiration! Our students loved it. Daniel Blouin Congratulations! ”
Mylène Lepage, Programme Manager, Paralegal Technology, Collège François-Xavier-Garneau

“Following his lecture, I find it fascinating that I now shared Daniel’s the words of wisdom with my students in private consultation!”
Vicky Prévost, Guidance Counselor and Doctoral in Education

“A moment of pure authenticity. I carry its benefits for life! ”
Séverine Julieno, tours / France

“Simply amazing and very rewarding. Wonderful evening of sharing! ”
Nadia Spot, Gruyère / Switzerland

“Even though was only able to attend the second half of the conference, because of my late train in from Belgium, the trip well worth the effort! I loved it!”
Caroline Perron, Waterloo / Belgium

“What joy! Daniel told us stories about his various life experiences with such vibrant energy that my body was in a trance. I came out enriched!”
Rémi Hermetz, Finanicer Controller, Lille / France

“A rewarding and smart conference, presented by an accessible, friendly and very simple person in spite of his high profile.”
Christophe Bourdon, Financial Framework, Paris / France

“Everything Daniel communicate was ingenious. It affected me a lot. A superb conference! ”
Stephanie Da Rosa, Amiens / France

“I loved Daniel’s conference!”
Joanna Quelen Blogger, Paris / France

“I was dazzled by the story Daniel told. He paints his life beautifully. It exudes an energy and an incredible aura! ”
Nassera Filali, Medical-surgical Secretary, Paris / France

“What a joy it was to attend live this conference. A great gathering full of delights for us all!”
George Rybarczyk, Consultant, Houdain / France

“Daniel helped me to assimilate that a little more that “everything is possible”and that it is not only reserved for others!”
Adeline Picot, Chief Transverse IT Project Manager, Issy-les-Moulineaux / France

“A great premiere in Paris! A HUGE thanks to you, Daniel! ”
Sophie Perron, Communicator, Blois / France

“A very powerful and very rewarding moment!”
Dominique Allotment, Normadie / France

“A breath of fresh air that allows us to be propelled into our own lives and say: why not me?”
Noelle Gacon, Dental Assistant, Meaux / France

“The participants of our convention were so very delighted by the Daniel conference. His message left No One indifferent. A satisfaction rate of 93%. I highly recommend it for the development of your members! ”
Sophie Picard, Conventions Organizer of the Quebec and Labrador’s First Nations Health

“After our first poll amongst our members, Daniel was among the 7 most recommended speakers. And following a second poll of our members, Daniel’s conference was one that won the most votes in terms of interest amongst the seven selected speakers. ”
Cynthia Giguere LOMA Company of Québec (SSQ Financial Group / Desjardins Assurances / Industrial Alliance / Insurance La Capitale)

“An outpouring of anecdotes, each one as impressive as the other, presented with an undeniable passion!! Those who dream to realize a project without taking action cannot help but become motivated after attending Daniel’s conference.
Philippe Dupont, Freeman Audiovisual Canada

“I liked Daniel’s conference so much that immediately after seeing it, I bought an extra ticket as a gift for my son!”
André St-Amand, Vice President COGECO Broadcasting

“A real breath of fresh air in the world of speakers!!! Daniel helps us able to conquer the fear change and make it more surmountable. Both a hilarious yet very serious conference all at the same time.”
Gaetan Marcoux, organizer of the congress of the Association of Professional Exhibits Quebec

“His way of speaking quickly attracted my attention, which is not an easy thing to do. I loved his direct and frank way of speaking. I would go see it again! ”
Luis Cordoso, Designer AECOM

“Daniel’s conference is a real energy booster and a great life lesson!!!”
Elodie Duverger, Freedom Summit 2014, France

“I am impressed by the quality of his message. This conference was for me, a revelation. He fully puts himself out there. Give yourself a gift! I would go back to see it. ”
Carl Potvin, Immunotec

“Daniel has a special way of keeping us captivated when he speaks! He is authentic, inspiring and very funny! Daniel is really the specialist of change and his field! ”
Janic Losier, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“I loved his unpretentiousness and his way of telling his story. We realize many things in ourselves when listening to Daniel. He opens the door on his vision courage! ”
Mariève Tremblay, Literary-Critical Legal-Author Technician

“A perfect conference!! Catchy beginning, mounting content and a punchy ending. Daniel has a real natural ability to seduce his audience. Fun, accessible, dynamic and animated.”
Jocelyn Themens, CEO Michel Sarrazin Foundation

“A very interesting conference! Really! A surge of motivation but above all, the discovery of a passionate guy. Thanks for everything!”
Véronique Proulx, Deputy Director of the Regional Youth Square

“Excellent conference! Very personable, very honest and very inspiring! ”
Stéphane Boucher, Quebec Institute of Neurosciences / Paris

“Daniel’s conference is a motivational BOOST to get out of one’s comfort zone!”
Nathalie Genest, Director Tocara Canada

“Wow! An excellent and authentic communicator. This conference gave me wings and a new lease on life! ”
Élaine Labrecque, Government of Quebec

“Daniel’s conference is exactly what I needed in my life. It opened my eyes and gave me wings! ”
Danny Kronstrom, Web Entrepreneur

“I loved the book but Daniel’s conference was even more exciting. I would have listened Daniel hours! ”
Line Couture

“The hour and a half seemed like 10 minutes so much that this was such an exciting conference!”
Frédérick False

“I REALLY spent a wonderful evening!”
Martin Dupuis

“I loved it! I would have wanted more!!! ”
Cindy Side

“Superb magical evening!”
Gina Side

“Daniel’s conference REALLY REALLY shook and woke me up!!!”
Mathieu Anton

“Daniel’s conference made me laugh a lot and think a lot!!”
David Chamberland, CD Covers

“VERY Charismatic!!”
Stéphanie Guilbault

“It stirred up a powerful energy in us all!!! I did not see the time passing. I loved it!!”
Nathalie Lemire Naturopath

“It is immediately following Daniel’s conference that my wife and I decided it was finally time to have our first child!”
Julien Beaulieu, Auto Finance Officer

“Daniel’s Daniel opened my eyes!!!”
Annie Bélanger, SSQ Insurance

“What a great conference at our First Nations convention! I sincerely believe that our people need to dream, to believe in themselves and feel that anything is possible. Thank you for giving us wings!!! ”
Nathalie Bussiere, Health Coordinator for Quebec Native Women

“A real breath of fresh air!! Really refreshing and very inspiring. ”
Julie Harvey, Clinical Nursing Advisor

“Daniel’s conference made me think so much it even disturbed my sleep for a few days!”
Danielle Pilon, Translator and Proofreader

Linda Emond, SSQ Insurance

“The conference was over too quickly! I would have listened to Daniel speak for hours! ”
Andrea Britto Brazil

“My husband was supposed to leave before the end of the conference for a family obligation … but he was not able to leave so much that Daniel inspired him!”
Any Roll

“Jam-packed with truths!”
Martine Ladouceur

“I consider myself privileged to have been able to attend this conference!”
Stéphanie Meunier

“10 out of 10. A real pro!”
Catherine Bureau, Director Students

“Love at first sight! An absolute gem of a conference, definitely an appointment to put in your agenda! ”
Bérényce Clement, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach

“Daniel is a natural, endearing and inspiring. It is clear that he lives what he preaches and it is with enthusiasm that I recommend it to anyone wanting to make changes in their lives, and also to organizational leaders who want to encourage their team to think outside the box in order to innovate. ”
Nathalie Meunier, President, Talent Strategy

“Since I saw Daniel’s conference, I talk about it to everyone around me: parents, family, friends and colleagues. I have achieved a lot since. ”
Catherine Belzile, Legal Technique Graduate

“I will never forget this moment with Daniel. So much heart and so inspiring! ”
Valérie Tremblay

“I saw so many lectures, videos and read books but there’s that little ‘je ne sais quoi’ that you communicate … I’m flabbergasted!”
Guylaine Doré

“I saw Daniel’s conference in Montreal several months ago and I still think back regularly to his message which is still ringing true long after!”
Geneviève Létourneau, CBC

“I hope to keep Daniel’s wisdom forever!”
Danielle Breault, Retired

“Daniel is a visionary and a cultivator of trust. It makes us grow. I came back totally excited and motivated from his conference! ”
Elizabeth Majeau, Commission Scolaire des Samares

“Thank you for being here! You are doing good things! ”
Geneviève Pellechaty, Teacher

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