Testimonials Book Breakout

“Daniel is REALLY inspiring! A real bedside book! ”
Marina Orsini, Rouge FM

“Reading this book has completely changed my life”
Nathalie Dufour

“Wow!!! This book has enormous power. Start by reading it and you’ll see what effect it will have on you. Everyone should read it! ”
Christine Michaud, author-speaker-TVA host

“An absolute must have in everyone’s library; ABSOLUTELY !!!”
Viana Rossi, Vovray-en-Bornes, France

“500% destabilizing! More than a bedside book, a real Bible of wisdom. ”
Carole Roy, editor –l’Echo du lac

“I have not yet found the right words to express to describe how incredible I find this book!”
Isabelle Pelletier, representative – Cogeco

“I started to read it only out of curiosity but I have not been able to put it down!”
Félix Mercier, IT consultant

“The book Breakout changed my life!”
Jinny Castonguay

“A book to devour!”
Marie-Josée Turcotte, Prestige Magazine

“This book is dangerously inspiring!”
Marilyne Duranleau

“I took my life back through this book! After 25 years in a factory I went back to school. Tomorrow I start my new job. My life changed thanks to Breakout!”
Michel Boulanger, Allstate Insurance

“I am completely speechless! This book truly has a special energy and vibration. It’s hard to explain with mere words. ”
Roxanne Lapointe Blogger

“This book should definitely be translated!”
Anne-Catherine Boes, Belgium

“I’m going to re-read this book to just draw more courage from it again!”
Mathieu St-Cyr, Marketing director – STAK Fitness

“This book has the unique potential to change your life. It is with humility, simplicity and lucidity (real-life examples) Daniel Blouin brings us into the universe of possibilities for a life full of meaning. ”
Martin Latulippe, Author-Speaker

“This book is a course of reflections that leads us to revaluation our priorities … and a desire to be like Daniel, so confident and so aware of his desires!”
Joanne Boivin, Radio Host – 102.9 CFOM

“Because of Daniel Blouin, full of changes will take place in my life. Thank you!”
Guy Massé, Host – 98.1 CHOI

“I ate this book up. I adored it! Really! Thank you for taking the time to write it. So, I stop now because I have a whole list of projects to make changes. ”
Marie-Christine Champagne, Host – NRJ Rouge FM

“This Book of Daniel Blouin’s serves only one purpose: to encourage us to take action head on. Far from the esoteric recipes, it forces us to ask ourselves the question; what am I waiting for? ”
Marc Boilard, Columnist & Co-owner MonClasseur.com

“I was completely absorbed by Breakout. Too powerful! I am impressed!”
Patricia Vincent, Radio NRJ – Propagande Agency

“I loved this book! I devoured it in two days! Bravo for its boldness, enthusiasm and confidence! Very good book that I just lent my teen! ”
Diane Gagnon, Consultant

“A real treat. Wow! In the end I wanted more! Absolutely buy this book. Offer yourself a gift! ”
Brian Tuppert, Entrepreneur

“An undeniable talent to communicate to and captivate the reader!”
Yann Latouche, General Director of the Quebec Winter Carnival

“I finished it with a smile on my face!”
Julie Théberge, Marketing Consultant – Cominar

“Very inspiring! This book will surely be a trigger for many people! ”
Steve Joncas, Editor – Quebec Scope

“You will definitely relate!”
Charles Auger, General Director of Imax – associated Chocolates Favorites

“He is amazing! This book has opened my eyes on my life! I will talk about this book to everyone I know! ”
Danielle Delisle

“It shakes you up!”
Pierre-Luc Robert, Project Manager – MobiFlex

“I ate it up, so much so that I found it to be so true!”
Stéphane Boucher, Consultant

“This book is FAR from being a cliché!”
Daniel Murray, CEO Ocean TV

“Reading this book made me realize that human resources at times really have no clue.”
Gaetan Marcoux, Director Quebec Exhibition Centre

“Very inspiring! A beautiful discovery for future businessmen and start-ups business who are reluctant to take the plunge! ”
Mathieu Laveau, CEO – Hotelleriejobs.com

“A must-read!”
Virginie Duval, CEO – Dfine

“A different sort of book, that demonstrates not only that the status quo may be a danger to our lives, but that a good kick in the butt sometimes is necessary in order to take action!”
Steeve Marin, Partner – Agency 32 Mars

“I do not know yet if I have to thank Daniel for this book … but holy geez, it hits hard. I haven’t stop thinking since I started reading this book. I’m not even able to finish it, so much so because I have to digest this new way of life. ”
Stéphane Fortin, GES Trade Services

“This book will undoubtedly helped change the course of my life. It has everything you need to help you accomplish another step in your life. ”
Nadine Pradet, Self-employed

“I do not like reading … but this book, I have not been able to put it down. I was totally blown away! I’m floored! I laughed so hard. It really made me feels good! ”
Josianne Fitzback

“Daniel Blouin is definitely in the top 5 people who has inspired me the most.”
Marto Napoli, Host – NRJ Radio Pirate

“After reading this book, it is impossible not to take action! Whether for a hobby, a passion, a sport, health, challenge, work, relationships … and then some!!! ”
Roxane Campeau, Office Agent

“Someone who very inspiring and has captured my admiration!”
Hélène Giroux, End of Life Assistant

“Daniel Blouin and Breakout … OMG…!!!”
Manu Lemire, Massage Therapist

“Enormously inspiring!!!!!”
Katie Berthelot, Manager, Caisses Desjardins

“This book gave me butterflies in my stomach!”
Marie-Josée Lapointe, Director of Community Organization

“A literary delight. This book drugged me from the first pages. The withdrawal will be difficult. ”
Francois Paradis, Web Entrepreneur

“So enriching, so inspiring, such intensity that emits such a positive energy. It makes us want to charge head on and bite into life to the fullest. ”
Mariève Tremblay, Literary Critic

“Amongst all the books I’ve read, this book is the most tangible one of all!”
Stéphanie Chabot

“I absolutely have to thank Daniel. It is thanks to him that I dare go work in Mali with my love! ”
Marianne Rosary, Nurse

“If I had written a book, I would have liked it to be this one, but unfortunately Daniel has already written it!”
Sacha Roy, Videographer

“Damn it felt good to read this book. Daniel, thank you for this gem! ”
Marco Grenier, DJ

“This time it is a Quebecer who inspires us. Not with a fictional tale, but with a true story. So inspiring! ”
Véronique Cloutier.com

“This is only the second time in my life I was able to finish a book in one sitting. WOW! What a book!”
Karim Senoussi

“This book is dangerously inspiring!”
Maryline Duranleau

“This book made me … and made me think again. And still, several weeks after reading it!”
Patricia Arsenault

“Daniel’s gave me wings to soar even higher!”
Hélène Deschênes

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